Recommended Hotel
Tamla Stay Hotel Jeju
Located in Aewol-eup, Tamla Stay Hotel Jeju is about 20 minutes' drive from Jeju International Airport. It takes about 10 minutes by car to get to the nearby beach of Soosan Peak and Baghumji Oreum, and about 20 minutes by car. The ocean view hotel offers amenities such as fitness center, conference room, outdoor pool, and roof top pool. In addition, the reception is open 24 hours a day, making it more convenient for you to use The guest room consists of a variety of standard twin, family triple, and royal suite. Each room has a TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, private bathroom, toiletries, beaded, slippers, and travel adaptors. You can enjoy a breakfast buffet at the Manon Bard, a restaurant located on the first floor of the hotel. The cafeteria manon offers a variety of menus using Jeju food ingredients.
$ 60
Grabel Hotel Jeju
It takes about 15 minutes by car from the Grabel Hotel, which is seven minutes' drive from the Ihoteu beach, to Jeju International Airport. You can take a boat from Hallim Port, which is 50 minutes away by car, and go to Biyangdo, a well-known filming location for the spring. Also, it takes an hour by car to Mt. Halla. Jeju's hotel is equipped with free wireless Internet access and an all-inclusive all-inclusion diet. You can also use the grand banquet hall, 24-hour reception, and exhibition space. This four-star hotel is equipped with concierge services, stockroom, and currency exchange. It also offers a free parking lot dedicated to the premises. Each room has a variety of facilities for guests to stay comfortable with, including coffee makers, refrigerators, and high-end linen. All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with a dedicated bathroom with luxurious bathroom supplies. There is a cafe inside the hotel for convenient access. Restaurant&Cafe offers daily afterglow tea, etc.
$ 50
Shilla Stay Jeju
It is only 3km away from Jeju International Airport from Sinstay Jeju which opened in March 2015. Tourist attractions around the hotel include Baojian Street, Ihoteu Beach, and Yongduam Rock, one minute's drive away. In addition, you can go to Hallasan National Park in 50 minutes by car. There are meetings of various sizes, business corners, and fitness centers complete with free/unaccompanied equipment in the hotel, and guests are provided with business corners, fitness centers and parking lots for free of charge. We have a total of 301 rooms, and you can enjoy the view of the ocean or Mt. Halla in some of them. All rooms have LED TVs and universal adapters, and luxurious bedding, including goose fur blankets and duck-down pillows, will help you sleep soundly. There are Abeda bathroom supplies, Vide, etc. in the Located on the 12th floor of the hotel, you can enjoy a breakfast buffet with a view of Jeju's sea and a separate fee will be charged. In the evening, it is operated as a lounge to sell beer and wine. Also, on the first floor, there is a modern feeling bar.
$ 80
Best Western Hotel Jeju
You can go to Jeju International Airport in 15 minutes by car from the Best Western Jeju Hotel, which opened in May 2015. The nearest beach in the city, the Ihoteu Beach, is 10 minutes' drive away, and Mt. Halla National Park is about 45 minutes' drive. In addition, if you drive for 20 minutes, you can take a tour of Samsung Blood and Yongdu Cancer. The business center in the lobby on the first floor is open 24 hours a day, free Internet access and free copying, and free parking. Concierge and baggage storage services are also available at the front desk. It has 363 guest rooms and boasts a beautiful view of the Jeju sea or Mt. Halla. All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, you can use 40" Full HD TV, refrigerator, phone, and Tiffort, and bathroom supplies and hair dryer. You can have a breakfast buffet at the patio on the second floor for extra charge. To enjoy coffee or tea, visit Starbucks on the first floor.
$ 55
Recommended Activity
Jeju Zipline
Jeju zip line is a new air sports where you can enjoy the fresh air of Jeju with your family, lovers, or colleagues.
$ 30
Jeju Rail Bike
Jeju Railbike is one of the four-wheeled leisure tours that ride on the railroads and enjoy the scenery. Visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty, udo, and Seongsan Ilchulbong near Gujwa-eup. As the ranch is operated together, you can enjoy about 100 grazing cows. It runs every hour between the regular hours and 30 minutes, and it takes about 35 minutes to complete the trail. It is a type that does not move the pedals directly and automatically moves forward using an electric motor, so it can ride without any effort. With the rain curtain, you can ride comfortably in the rain. The rail-bike course starts at Sangdo-ri's common ranch, passes through Sandam, Carrot and Fielddam, passes Udo Island and Seongsan Ilchulbong, and ends at the Fisheries Wind Park, Yongnun Oreum, and Dharanshi Oreum. Other benefits include the fact that the site is available on-site without any special reservations, as well as the ability to experience it on rainy days. Install a rain screen on the front of the bike so that you can ride the rail bike even in strong winds and rain. Besides railbike, there are also many things to enjoy such as cafes, animal farms, and observatory. If you climb the observatory located on the second floor, you can enjoy the scenery of the rail bike with the dragon's eyes spread out against the backdrop of the rising snow and the ranch. The café also sells carrot juice, which is made by grinding carrot, which is a specialty product of the club.
$ 30
Raon The-Ma Park
It is the world's first horse theme park with a spectacular horse riding performance and a luxurious riding and enjoyable experience. The equestrian experience offers a wide range of courses ranging from beginners to professionals. It is divided into short-distance, long-distance, and aristocratic courses. It also offers an out-of-the-way course where visitors can There are other things that children would like to talk about and experience cart.
$ 18
Jeju leports land
국내 최대규모 카트 장소. 다른 카트 장소의 3배 이상 크기 , 비교불가. 다양한 놀이시설(카트, 산악버기카,서바이벌,짚라인, 서바이벌, 썰매, 사격 )과 숙박 및 부대 시설 보유. 이곳은 재미와 감동을 주는 종합놀이공간입니다.
$ 25
Popular place(tourist attraction)
Someori Oreum (Udobong Peak) (쇠머리오름(우도봉))
The name 'Someori' or 'Cow's head' in English, takes after the shape of the island. Located about 3.8km far from Seongsanhang Port of Seogwipo-si, Jeju, Someori Oreum is found at the southernmost tip of this Udo Island, known as Cow Island thanks to its shape, resembling that of a cow lying down. Seongsanhang Port is the only outlet for visitors from outside and the island's residents to travel to and from, and it takes about 15 minutes by ferry

According to experts, various land formations and continuous volcanic activity caused the island to rise off the coast of Jeju Island some hundreds of years ago, and the aftermath of this is still visible throughout the island. The scale of the beach area is constantly decreasing due to repeated cycles of coastal erosion, therefore creating multiple sea caves, cliffs and more impressive works of nature.

The island is not entirely formed of rocky soil but also exhibits some limited areas of farms, meadows and forests filled with cedar and other evergreen trees fit for the environment.
Suwolbong Peak and Chagwi Beach (수월봉과 차귀해안)
Located at the western end of Jejudo Island, Suwolbong, a small mountaintop, is famous for being a favorite sunset viewing place. The mountain has vertical cliffs spreading out like a scroll painting, created from the sea waves gradually cutting inland. The top the hexagonal pavilion Suwoljeong, from where you can look down on all sides. From this pavilion, you can see all of the West Sea.
To the north, off the coast, is the Chagwido (sometimes called Jukdo) Island, where only the top peak area has grass growing, and the rest of the island is made up of dark hyeonmuam rocks and cliffs. Chagwido is famous as a fishing place, and in January, March, June, and December, people come here to fish. Around sunset, Chagwido’s seashore turns crimson red from the sun and is truly an awesome sight to behold.
Udo Sanho Beach (Seobinbaeksa) (우도 산호해변 (서빈백사))
Udo Sanho Beach, often referred to as Seobinbaeksa Beach, is a red algal nodules beach. The ocean here varies in colors, from bright emerald to deep sapphire according to its depth. The view is so unique that it is almost incomparable with the Mediterranean Sea, South Pacific Sea, or any other ocean views.
Yongcheondonggul Cave [UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site] (용천동굴 [유네스코 세계자연유산])
Yongcheondonggul Cave is the most typical form of lava tunnel on Jeju Island and with a total length of approximately 2,470.8 meters, it is one of the largest. It has a unique topology and rich limestone formations such as lava terrace, lava shelves, lava waterfalls, and 140 meters of lava rolls. In particular, a range of carbonate formations such as straw soda, stalactite, columns, flowstones, cave corals, aragonite crystals can be found inside this large cave that also contains a lake. This unique cave is astounding in terms of its geological value and beauty. There are also items that can be found throughout the cave that appear to have been brought in by people who lived on the island long ago, such as pieces of pottery, animal bones, ironware, charcoal and other substances.
Popular place(Restaurant)
Rajmahal Indian Restaurant (라지마할)
Rajmahal is an Indian restaurant located at the Jewon Intersection in Sinjeju (Jeju Island). The restaurant was named after the capital of Orissa and the palace in ancient India. Popular dishes on the menu include curry, nan, and tandoori chicken. The restaurant itself has an elegant yet comfortable exotic feel, which is another draw for customers coming to get their fill of delicious Indian cuisine.
Haenyeo Hoetjip (해녀횟집)
Located in Samdo 2-dong on Jeju Island, Haenyeo Hoetjip serves fresh seafood caught by haenyeo, female divers who gather various seafood and seaweed from the ocean floor without using any diving equipment. The restaurant’s top-grade certified chef makes the best effort to satisfy customers. Side dishes such as pajeon (green onion pancakes), sora (horned turbans) and dubu (bean curd) come with each order of sliced raw fish. From the restaurant, you can also enjoy beautiful views of nature.
Haejin Hoetjip (raw fish restaurant) (해진횟집)
Haejin Sliced Raw Fish Restaurant strongly appeals to diners for two main reasons; it offers a prime selection of raw fish and a fantastic, wide-open view of the ocean as seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Taking advantage its seaside location, the restaurant serves up a wide variety of fresh fish such as saw-edged perch, red sea bream, parrot fish, hairtail, and mackerel.
Dombedon (돔베돈)
‘Dombe Meat,’ whose name stems from Jeju dialect and means ‘steamed and sliced pork served on chopping board,’ is a widely popular traditional Jeju Island dish.

Dombedon restaurant, introduced in a MBC program, only uses meat from black pigs raised on Jeju Island. The meat is not only tasty, but is also low in fat, high in nutrition, and is said to be beneficial for health and beauty purposes—making it especially popular among women.

To preserve local flavor and taste, the restaurant prepares its meat using traditional cooking methods, as opposed to simply grilling the meat like many restaurants in the downtown area do. Thanks to these traditional cooking methods and the power of word-of-mouth, Dombedon has become a must-visit attraction of the region. In addition to the famous dombe meat, the restaurant offers an array of dishes including grilled black-skinned pork, dolsot bibimbap, and chef’s cold noodle.
Popular place(Shopping)
Korean Souvenir Department Store (한국기념품백화점)
The Korean Souvenir Department Store, which opened in 1973, only sells Korean goods. The department store is mainly visited by customers from Japan, and is conveniently located near the airport. The Korean Souvenir Department Store offers a variety of goods such as Korean poetry, leather goods, souvenirs (key holder, dolls, etc.), laver, kimchi, clothes, wooden handicrafts, and much more.
Jeju Local Produce Display and Sales Market (제주 특산품전시판매장)
Jeju Local Produce Display and Sales Market is located on the first floor of Jeju Small & Medium Business Center to promote small local producers and market their items. It displays and sells more than 2,200 agricultural items, seafood, processed food, crafts, and cosmetic items from 138 local producers. These items are based upon ingredients and materials produced in Jeju. Through direct dealings with producers, the market offers quality items at inexpensive prices. Online purchase is also available through its website.
Jeju Jungang Underground Shopping Center (제주 중앙지하상가)
Located in Jungangro of downtown Jeju, Jungang Underground Shopping Center is a modern underground shopping arcade that recently re-opened after a major renovation. Stretching over Jungangro, Seomunro and Dongmunro, the center has over 280 stores selling clothing, shoes, accessories, glasses, watchers, jewelries, bags, hats, flowers, etc. There are also many amenities such as restaurant, fast food chains, as well as rest lounges scattered across the shopping center. It is the only underground shopping arcade in Jeju Island, and offers a pleasant shopping experience.
Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market (동문재래시장)
Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market was established after the liberation in 1945. Due to a big fire that broke out in March 1954, the whole market and the nearby area was reduced to ashes. The market then moved to its current location and kept the original name. As one of the most popular traditional markets in Jeju, Dongmun has served countless customers, selling diverse items at inexpensive prices. As the representative traditional market of Jeju, the market is popular for fresh seafood.